All of Abi Sabina’s Books are closed-door romantic comedy full of swoony moments, laughs, and heart. You’ll get sizzling chemistry with kissing.

After ending a bad break-up with her previous boss, Madison swears never to date another co-worker again. She’s focusing on her career and settling down in town, but her new business partner is proving that not all guys are walking red flags. Can he show her nice guys still exist?

Are you ever truly prepared to see your ex-boyfriend again? No. Even less prepared when he decides he wants to woo you. I’m not sure I’ll survive a second Hudson-heartache.

How difficult could it be pretending to be in love with a virtual stranger? I’ll do anything to get my trust fund on my twenty-fifth birthday, even if it means striking a deal with the new barista. 

If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that I’ll do anything to prevent some suit from walking onto my family farm and buying it from us. But when I learn the reason Hayes needs this contract, things get blurry.